Q. How do I book THE MIXERS?

The easiest way to check our availablity and get a quote is to call Sian on 07800 603030, email info@mixersband.co.uk, or send a message using the form on the CONTACT page. We'll talk through what you're looking for and try to answer all of your questions. 


Q. How much will it cost?

It depends on your requirements - every party, wedding and event is different. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


As a guide, our outline event package is below:

  • Two full sets of live music

  • All sound equipment and full lighting for band and dance floor

  • Music before, between and after the performance (your iPod playlist for the event through our PA, or we can provide playlists)

  • Discreet early evening set-up, and pack-down


Q. How much space do you need?

Our minimum space requirement is normally around 16ft wide x 14ft deep, with clear entry for setting up, accessing the space to perform, and packing down. We also need access to power - preferably a minimum of 3 sockets.

Q. What Equipment do you use?

The PA system that any band performs through can make or break the sound. Even more important is the ability to engineer that sound. We use top quality, well maintained equipment and we have our own qualified sound engineer to monitor and perfect the sound throughout the performance.

Q. Are you Insured?

Yes, we have public liability insurance.


Q. Can we alter the setlist?

Yes. Its important to talk to us so that we can find out what kind of sets you want and alter our performance to suit. We can't conjure up requests on the spot, but if there are particular songs you want, we'd be happy to learn them for you.

The Mixers Setup
The Mixers Setup

Here's an example of our setup at a wedding party. We have a full lighting rig, we dress to impress and we always make sure we look and sound great.

Tim's Keys
Tim's Keys

Its these little beauties that give us all the extra sounds.


We have a full lighting rig for all gigs.

The Mixers Setup
The Mixers Setup

Here's another example of our setup in a smaller setting.